Norwegian Centre for CERN-related Research

The Centre for Norwegian CERN Research's primary goal is to support the participation in long-term experiments for Norwegian scientists and thus secure the best possible scientific exploitation of the Norwegian CERN membership. It will enable Norwegian scientists to do frontier research in particle and nuclear physics. The research has a primary objective to discover the nature of the Universe by answering fundamental research questions. What are the building blocks of nature? How do they interact? How did the birth and evolution of the universe happen? How are heavy elements in the Universe created?

Therefore, the vision of NorCC translates into the following goals:

  • To fully exploit the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) scientific potential, with the main focus on the ALICE and ATLAS experiments.
  • To research and construct the experiment upgrades for the High-Luminosity LHC for the ALICE and ATLAS experiments.
  • To fully exploit the HL-LHC's scientific potential, expected to operate until 2038.
  • To prepare for projects after the HL-LHC, through activities such as design studies, research and construction preparation.
  • To exploit CERN's low energy research program through the ISOLDE experiment.
  • To pursue novel research avenues through small-scale experiments and technological activities.

In addition to these scientific goals, the centre also aims to t
rain a new generation of scientists and engineers, engage the Norwegian industry for deliveries and collaboration, and facilitate technology transfer. We also want to inspire and nurture scientific awareness among the general public.