The technical student program at CERN is a unique opportunity for students who are in an engineering, master's or technical master's program. The technical student program lasts from six to twelve months where you work with technical issues in a group or department. How long you want to work is filled in the application.

Many Norwegian students write an academic assignment during their stay. It is then common to have a supervisor from the educational institution you come from in addition to a supervisor at CERN. If you want to write a time-consuming thesis such as a diploma thesis or a master's thesis, it is recommended to apply to CERN for twelve months. The reason for this is that CERN, in addition to writing the thesis, wants the students to do some tasks for CERN during their stay. It is also recommended to wait to define an assignment text until you get to CERN so that you can write an assignment that is related to the work you are to perform to the greatest possible extent.

Technical student (Video: CERN)

In total, there are a total of about 100 spots for technical students each year divided by the 20 member countries, which would normally mean that Norway receives relatively few places. To ensure that Norway has more places for technical students at CERN, the Research Council of Norway, in collaboration with Norwegian universities and colleges, has entered into an agreement where they help to sponsor parts of the stay for students. This has so far meant that Norway has had about 10 technical students at CERN at any given time. During the work stay, you will also be awarded a housing grant of approximately NOK 30,000 a month.

During the year, there are two possible application deadlines that you can apply for and has some requirements. You will need to have citizenship in Norway or one of the member countries and finished a minimum of 18 months of education within engineering or civil engineering.