As an engineer, civil engineer, master's student or doctoral student, you have the opportunity to apply to CERN during your education. The stimulating work environment at CERN can create a larger network of contacts, give you technical training, maybe some new language experience and the opportunity for permanent employment at CERN. This is a unique opportunity to experience working in an international research organization and perhaps help to solve one of the universe's big questions.

CERN needs engineering expertise in almost all disciplines to develop, build and operate accelerators and detectors. An accelerator is used to increase the speed of particles so that they achieve very high energies before the particles collide with other particles. A particle accelerator can therefore be called an atomic crusher. A detector is a complex machine that detects the particles that are split during the collision. Using this information, one can then say something about the elementary particles that exist in the universe and say something about the forces that hold these particles together. In order to be able to constantly improve these machines, experts in a number of different disciplines are constantly trying to move the boundaries of what is technically possible. In this environment, Norwegian students can contribute to humanity gaining even greater knowledge of the very smallest and the largest in the universe.

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