How long does it take from applying to receiving an answer?
Normally, it takes six weeks from closing application date. In some cases, it may take a little longer. Contact Recruitment Service directly (Recruitment.Service@CERN.CH) for a more accurate answer.

Do CERN not only hire physicists?
CERN needs all kinds of people. Most people who work at CERN do not work directly with theoretical particle physics, but with more normal work tasks in, for example, IT, organizational work, purchasing, mechanics, electronics and chemistry.

Do you have to be a "genius" to get a job at CERN?
The vast majority of people who work at CERN can be characterized as normally intelligent, although CERN also has a number of people who can be characterized as geniuses. Take a look at: "Our people" for some examples of typical CERN jobs and people.

Does CERN help acquire housing?
CERN has a service called Housing Service that helps you find a place to live. Housing Service also operates a hostel located at CERN, which you can, if there is space, stay until you have found another place to live. To find an apartment, house or community, it may be helpful to send a request to CERN's internal marketplace. Another tip is to follow the French website: Le Boncoin or Anibis in Switzerland. (Both are in French and correspond to Finn in Norway.)

Can I bring my spouse/registered partner and children?
Yes. If you are married and / or have children, you will receive a slightly higher salary to cover the extra costs. The spouse will be able to obtain a work permit in both France and Switzerland during the contract period.

Are there opportunities for daycare at CERN?
There is a kindergarten at CERN. However, it can be somewhat difficult to get a place in this kindergarten. However, there are several other kindergartens available. Visit the Social Affairs Service website at CERN for more information.

Questions can be sent to:
or directly to the Human Resources group at CERN: Recruitment.Service@CERN.CH