The activity on technology has been added to the centre to highlight the importance of Norway-CERN collaboration in technology and engineering, in addition to the collaboration in physics. It will add to and secure a broader set of collaborative areas between Norway and CERN. This activity can help to exploit existing mechanisms. The two universities, NTNU and UIA, have engineering educational programmes in cybernetics, mechatronics,  data science,  ICT,  renewable energy,  material science and civil engineering. Together with advanced laboratories, they are well-positioned to carry out the tasks in the activity for technology. The aim is to develop new technology, insights and knowledge of importance both to science and society. In particular, the innovation potential of joint technology projects will be explored. An important added value from the activity on technology is to explore how the basic and experimental research at the core of the centre,  can be supplemented and possibly strengthened by synergies with technology development and engineering activities. In the beginning, this activity will create an interface between CERN and UiA and NTNU researchers. In the future, the aim is to expand the collaboration and invite other Norwegian institutions to participate. It is a starting point for exploring a broader set of scientific outcomes from Norway-CERN collaboration.

Leader: Jørn Wroldsen
Deputy: Søren Kragholm

 NTNU-CERN Doctoral degree program

Physicists and engineers replacing the heart of the CMS experiment. (Image: CERN)