CERN has approximately 150,000 visitors, and there is a large influx, so it is essential to be out early to register visitor groups. CERN also arranges schools for teachers and receives around 1000 visiting pupils from Norway yearly, all of which need to be organised and supported, partly by the Norwegian CERN community. It is important to note that when the LHC is under operation, there will not be possible with visits underground; however, the CERN team will be able to organise visits on the CERN site above ground. All visitors who want a tour must be registered via CERN's Visits Service.

For school classes and other academic groups (such as university or research groups), it is important to contact CERN's Visit Service in advance of the arrival. When planning a time of visit (up to 9 months in advance), register as "Pupils or Students" on the registration page of the Visits Service. If you have flexible days/times, it is important to communicate this to Visits Service. Visits Service will try to obtain Norwegian guides if available, but otherwise, guiding in English can be expected. After receiving a response from the Visits Service confirming a tour, you can plan other activities in Geneva and the surrounding area. In addition to a guided tour, it is advisable to set aside time for CERN's exhibitions at the reception, which is definitely worth an hour or 2.


Every year, CERN offers professional development programmes for teachers to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in particle physics and related areas and experience a dynamic, international research environment. The programmes include an extensive lecture and visit itinerary. The members of the NorCC centre helps the CERN visit service with lectures and as guides for these school classes, as well as arranging visits of University staff and setting up courses for Norwegian teachers. The programme can be everything between 3 days to two weeks and will be either in English or Norwegian. 


To organise a media visit at the CERN site, you should contact and obtain permission from the CERN Media and Press Relations team at least four weeks in advance. CERN will only accept visits from media with a clear mandate with a broadcaster, publication or agency. The visits take place from Monday to Friday. Media with no mandate are free to book a visit with the CERN public Visits Service.


Other groups of visitors can register three months in advance as Group Visit. Individual visits or small groups can be registered here a couple of weeks in advance. See more information on CERN's visit page.