The research foundation CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, purchases goods and services annually for just over 3.3 billion NOK a year primarily from its 23 member states. Norway is a member state of CERN, and Norwegian companies deliver both goods and services. Some of CERN's purchases are highly specialised products aimed at accelerators and detectors (e.g. superconducting cables,  vacuum pumps, cooling systems based on liquid Helium, etc.), other purchases require a presence in Geneva (e.g. construction, maintenance, service contracts etc.), but many contracts are ordinary deliveries (e.g. computers, control systems, fire alarm systems, electronics production, office furniture, cranes, mechanical parts in steel and plastic, engineering services, cables, switches, electric power, plastic halls, tanks, etc.).

The industry liaison service
An industry liaison service has been established to help Norwegian companies that are interested in delivering goods and services to CERN. The industrial liaison officer (ILO) helps CERN identify possible Norwegian suppliers and guides the Norwegian company through the qualification and tender processes. In addition, the ILO can help the company get in touch with relevant contact persons at CERN to market their products or organize visits.

The service is funded by the Research Council and is free to use.

CERN - a customer for you?
There are several reasons why CERN is an interesting customer:

  • CERN is a competent and recognized customer with strict supplier requirements and is, therefore, a good reference customer.
  • CERN is early to deploy new technology and might be a good place to start when introducing new technologies.
  • The procurement rules favour suppliers in underbalanced member countries, including Norway.
  • The transport cost usually does not count when competing offers are compared.

Norwegian suppliers can register in CERN's purchasing database. Registration can be done here
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding industrial contracts or technologies from CERN.

Ole Petter Nordahl
Norwegian Industry Liaison Officer
Mobile (Norway): +47 95 223 373