The doctoral program has two application deadlines during the year and is open to students who are currently pursuing a doctoral program or who are in the process of planning a doctoral program within a technical subject. In total, there are 50 places for doctoral students at CERN each year and if you are admitted to the program, you join a group at CERN where you normally work for 24 months.

Note, however, that the program is not open to doctoral students in theoretical or experimental physics. (These are employees at universities in their home country, typically Bergen and Oslo for Norwegian physicists.) The requirements to apply is that you have citizenship in Norway or one of the member countries and that you are admitted to a doctoral program at a Norwegian university.

CERN Careers

A separate NTNU-CERN Doctoral Degree Program has recently been set up as part of the collaboration between CERN and NTNU. These positions are first triggered at NTNU, and if one is awarded the position, the application for CERN's doctoral degree program is a formality.

For more information, see CERN's official doctoral program page.