What happened in the early Universe?
What is Dark Matter?

How do elementary particles build up the world we know?

Which elementary particles remain undiscovered?

Why is time irreversible?

Theory is a branch of physics that uses mathematics and computation to develop models and abstractions of the world around us. This can make it possible to understand empirical results or construct theories that explain and predict phenomena beyond the current experimentation. Theory goes into how we understand the most fundamental problems in our understanding of nature and its interactions. Therefore, there are many research activities within the field, such as; finding signatures of new physics beyond the standard model, phenomenology, string theories, the particle nature of dark matter, dynamics of the quark-gluon plasma etc. 

For more information about the universities work within the field, follow the links below:

University of Oslo
► University of Bergen

► University of Stavanger

► Western Norway University of Applied Sciences



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