CERN has approx. 150,000 visitors and there is a large influx, so it is important to be out early with registration of visitor groups. All visitors who want a tour must be registered via CERN's Visits Service.

School classes

Here is some practical information for school classes and other academic groups (such as university or research groups).

  1. When planning a time of visit, (up to 9 months in advance), register as "Pupils or Students" on the registration page of the Visits Service.
  2. If you have flexibility day / time, it is important to communicate this to Visits Service. Visits Service will try to obtain Norwegian guides if available, but otherwise guiding in English can be expected.
  3. After receiving a response from the Visits Service confirming a tour, you can plan other activities in Geneva and the surrounding area. In addition to a guided tour, it is advisable to set aside time for CERN's exhibitions at the reception, which are definitely worth an hour or 2.


Other visitors

Other groups of visitors can register 3 months in advance as Group Visit. Individual visits or small groups can be registered here a couple of weeks in advance. More information on CERN's visit page.

You can also take a virtual visit of the facilities at CERN from home!