In the last 15 years, Norway has built up a significant accelerator science expertise through participation in accelerator research at CERN. Several large new colliders are on the study table, including the circular FCC with 100 km circumference and the linear  CLIC /ILC with lengths up to 50 km. UiO has been a partner in the development of CLIC for more than ten years with significant contributions of numerical simulations and experiments. Our expertise, especially in beam dynamics and simulations, is therefore much in demand by the collaboration for the next phase. The flagship experiment  AWAKE  studies the physics of plasma wave acceleration to generate TeV electron beams efficiently and inexpensively, by reusing the LHC complex. UiO has participated in the experiment from its beginning, with both numerical and experimental contributions, especially in the field of beam quality preservation. It is the performance and cost of future particle accelerators that limit which experiments can be performed at the energy frontier. Therefore, accelerator research is fundamental in the coming period. This activity will secure a stable funding base towards future accelerators and put Norway in position for industrial utilisation when new accelerators at CERN are implemented.

Leader: Erik Adli

LHC Accelerator (Image: CERN)